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Dropbox: Turn in work here!

A more convenient and environmentally friendly method of turning in assignments…

You can submit your assignments electronically through my online Dropbox.  Follow the website below to upload work that you would like to submit electronically.  The password is provided below.  Please do not email the work to my school account.  If you want to let me know that you have submitted it, you can email me and let me know.  Be sure to save your name on the uploaded document before you upload it.  You will not have an opportunity to put your name on it when you turn it in.  Thanks!

Step 1:  Make sure your name is on your document.

Step 2:  Follow this link:  Turn in work here!

Step 3:  The password is seward.

Step 4:  Upload the document and submit. 

During World War I, passenger pigeons were used to carry messages across enemy lines.  Passenger pigeons are now extinct – a result of over-hunting.


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