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Ebola – Responses to Pandemic Diseases

Posted by Myla Liljemark on 10th August 2014

New York Times Article

Nova – Ebola the plague Fighters This is a video documentary about the 1997 Ebola outbreak in Zaire (present day Democrative Republic of Congo.)

New York Times – Fantastic article with graph, statistics, and answers to commonly asked questions.

Ebola – Fast Facts (CNN)

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Model United Nations

Posted by Myla Liljemark on 20th December 2013

Model United Nations Syllabus


Week 1: Introduction to the United Nations – How to write a summary.

Week 2:   Country Reserach and Summary – Use the weblinks below to help guide your research

Week 3:  Country Research Summary continued

Week 4:  Topic Research and Summary

Week 5:  Resolution Brainstorming and Summary

Week 6:  Position Paper due, Introduction to Resolution writing

Week 7:  Resolution Due

Week 8:  Debate

Week 9:  Debate


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