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Posted by Myla Liljemark on 27th April 2012



The following links will provide information on genetically inherited health conditions.

Environmental effects on Health

In class video (scroll to 1:15) Mental/Social Health

Ukraine – Chernobyl (radiation)

Australia (skin cancer)

US coal mines in the early 1900s (workplace dangers)

American Indian Nations (health consequences of reservation life)

Nigeria (oil contamination) – scroll down to “human rights impact”

Mexico (pollution)


Risk and Consequences

Body Piercings and Tattoos


Body Piercings and Tattoos

Mayo Clinic – Tattoos

Mayo clinic – Piercings

 Mental Health

Click on the following links for information on mental health

Suicide – Ted Talks


Goal Setting (Long Term and Short Term)

Career Planner:

Job outlook:


A-Z Jobs List:

More Careers:

DARE – Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Use the link above to connect with a website that lists various types of drugs.


  1. Choose two different drugs from the list.  Try not to choose the same drugs as other people in the class.  There will be some small amount of overlap.
  2. Read through the information on each drug.  Take your time and make sure you really understand what you are reading.
  3. Then reflect back on our lesson where we looked at the way advertisements used health to try to sell their product.  You looked at one-page adds from magazines that tried to persuade you – using health – to buy the product.
  4. Create two different adds that use health (physical, mental/emotional, and social) to try to get people to NOT use the drug.  Use catchy phrases and powerful visuals to create the adds.  Be prepared to share with the other students at the end of the period.

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