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Posted by Myla Liljemark on November 25, 2013

Formative Assessment #1 – Geography

Aswan High Dam Group Press Conference

Egypt – Geography Concepts


Formative Assessment #2 – Egyptian Art

Part 1:  Storyboard of Menez and the 3 things he did to unite Egypt.  Be sure to explain the three things, and explain what you think would have happened if he hadn’t taken those steps.

Part 2:  – Social Class

Read the Social Hierarchy handout and create a diagram of the Ancient Egyptian class system.  Then visit the following website  (How Class Matters) on the computers.  Explore how social class works and is established in our society today.  Answer the following questions on the bottom of your Egyptian class system diagram and support your answers with evidence from the website and/or handout.

  1. What similarities and differences do you see between the two class systems? (You can simply list them, or you can create a Venn Diagram to organize your answers.)
  2. Based only on the class system, which society would you rather live in?

How Class Matters website

Gods and Goddesses of Egypt Family Tree Activity

Formative Assessment #2 – How cultures prepare bodies

  1. After reading “Modern Embalming” (link provided below) and taking notes in class (also found on page 96-97 in the textbook),  compare and contrast (i.e., Venn Diagram) modern embalming practices in the US with ancient Egyptian embalming practices.

Modern Embalming in the United States

Formative Assessment #3 – Tombs

  1. Develop an alternative to pyramids.  Group assignment.  How did New Kingdom Egyptians ensure that grave robbers did not damage and steal from the tombs of pharaohs.
  2. Valley of the Kings website link:

Assignment:  As you explore the Valley of the Kings, record on a piece of paper all the things that you are noticing about the tombs.   You can include things that you recognize from what we’ve learned in class, patterns or things you notice about the layout of the tombs, similiarities between the tombs, art, things that suprise you, or just basic things that you learned and you thought were interesting. Find one tomb that you want to focus on, and learn as much about it as possible (It helps to choose a tomb that has a lot of info on it.)  Record notes on your paper concerning the person/people buried there and the tomb itself.  Be prepared to share what you learned with your table group.

Formative Assessment #4 – Monuments


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