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Two Worlds Collide

Posted by Myla Liljemark on September 10, 2013

Essential Question – How do resources play a role in determining human interactions and change in culture?

Formative Assessment #1 -Global Trade

Mental Maps – Cultural Diffusion and Trade

Use the textbook reading provided and the handout to develop a mental map and awareness of global trade and its impact on culture.

Mental Maps – Culture Trade Handout

Mental Maps – Cultural Trade Reading – this is also found in your online textbook which is accessible through Pearson Courses on Powerschool.

Formative Assessment #2 – Columbus

Part 1:  Unpack the Journal of Christopher Columbus

Tape or glue two blank half-pages to the long sides of the journal.  In these spaces, on either side of the journal, you need to take notes on what you read.  The notes need to break down difficult sentences, provide main ideas of what Columbus is writing about, and provide markers for information that you will need to reference.

Look at the painting of Columbus’s landing . What things do you recognize from the journal? Do you think the painting accurately represents the event based on the journal? There is no assignment for the art analysis. Viewing the art will allow you a little practice applying what you learned through the journal. We spent time in class looking at this picture.

Columbus Landing painting

Part 2:   Determining Purpose and Audience

Answer the questions provided in the handout linked below.  You must provide evidence from Columbus’s Journal in your answers.

Primary Sources- Investigating Purpose handout

Part 3:  Comparing Primary and Secondary Sources on the same topic – On a piece of notebook paper, create a three circle Venn Diagram.  Give the circles the following labels:  Textbook (pg. 37-38), Journal, 500 Nations video clip.    Read through the textbook pages again and compare with what you read in the journals.  What was the same or different?  What was the quality and completeness of both stories?  Do the same with 500 Nations video clip   Compare 500 Nations with both the textbook and the Journal.

500 Nations video link part 1

500 Nations video link part 2


Write a one paragraph reflection under the Venn diagram that describes the strengths and weaknesses of all three sources in telling the most accurate story of Columbus’s landing.  Which do you think is more reliable?

Formative Assessment #3 -Spain

Part 1:  Read page 44-47 in the textbook (found online through Powerschool) and watch the video linked below to answer the following questions:

Guns Germs and Steel Video – Start at 1:18 and go until the Incan Emperor is executed.

  1. Vocabulary Review:  What is an empire?  What is tribute?
  2. How did Spain establish an empire in the Americas? (pg. 44-45)
  3. Why were a few Spanish conquistadors able to defeat the larger armies of the Aztecs and Incas? (pg 44-45)
  4. List the explorers represented on the map on page 46, and briefly describe the area each one explored.  (read pg 46-47)
  5. Based on the map on page 46, in what areas of the present-day United States would you expect to find Latino influence strongest?  (read pg 46-47)
  6. Why were Native people so vulnerable to European diseases?  (Guns, Germs, and Steel video)

Part 2:  Colonization Graphic Organizer (to be used for Spain, France, and England)

Spanish Colonization Reading (History Alive!) Use to complete the graphic organizer section on Spain.  You will also need the information on the Borderlands from our class discussion.

Part 3:  Spanish Missions in the Borderlands

Google Earth Spanish Missions

Formative Assessment #4 – France

French Fur Trade Handout

New France – Primary Image Conduct a primary source analysis on this image using the handout above.

Canada’s First Peoples  Explore this website using the handout above to guide you.

500 Nations – Cauldron of War  video link (watch until 11:00 minutes.  Do not watch the part about the Sewee people.)

Formative Assessment #5 – England

500 Nations- Powhatan Confederacy video link

The Growing of Virginia Tobacco handout


Summative Assessment #1 – Application of understanding to the race for resources in the Northwest Passage


NPR – Audio recording about Canada and the Northwest Passage

NPR – Audio recording about Russia and the Northwest Passage

CNN Video – Risks of looking for oil

Inuit – Christian Science Monitor

A broad look at the issue (This is kind-of a long article, but has very good information.  Skim it to get a basic idea of the topic.)

Summative Assessment #2 – Multiple Choice Test

Two Worlds Collide Test Review

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