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Unit 1: Geography

Posted by Myla Liljemark on August 19, 2013

I give two types of assignments in my class.  Formative Assessments are assignments that you can retake over and over until the end of the unit.  Summative Assessments are assignments that you cannot re-do.

Formative Assessment #1 Textbook as a Resource

Handout:  Textbook Scavenger Hunt

This is an assignment that was done in class.  You need your textbook for this assignment.


Formative Assessment #2 Projections

Handout:  Map Projections Analysis


Formative Assessment #3 – Understanding Latitude and Longitude

Handout #1:  Latitude and Longitude handout

Two questions on this assignment refer to “the Continental United States.” That is basically the “lower 48.”  All US states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Handout #2: Approximate Absolute Location WS


Formative Assessment #4 – Political, Physical, and Thematic Maps

Political, Physical, and Thematic Maps – Handout


Summative Assessment #1 – Island Layer Cake

Layer Cake Island Rubric and Project directions

Summative Assessment #2 – Multiple Choice Test

Geography Unit Practice Test  – This is not an assignment.  It is only to be used to practice for the 25 pt. unit test which will be Monday, Sept. 9.



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