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World History Location Tests

Posted by Myla Liljemark on August 23, 2012

Location Tests are assessments that helps students to understand the location of the world’s countries.  Students must use map skills to determine the location of the countries, and then form mental maps to help remember where the countries are.  Each location test will cover a specific continent or region.

Location tests are set up for the success of the student.  Each test can be taken once a day, every day of the quarter in which they were assigned.  Students can retake the tests (outside of class time) until they earn a score that they are happy with.

1st Quarter

Continents and Oceans Test

Western European Countries

Eastern European Countries

2nd Quarter

Middle East Countries

North and West African Countries

East and South Africa Countries

3rd Quarter

Central Asia Countries

East Asia Countries

Oceania Countries

4th Quarter

North America Countries

South America Countries

Geography Terms


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